Projects while at General Assembly

A selection of week long projects and overnight homework assignments competed during the twelve week Web Development Immersive Course. Generally best on chrome on a desktop - although some are mobile optimised. Apps maybe dormant on Heroku so may take a few seconds to fire up.

Feel free to message me on twitter with any thoughts.


Game Center:
First project at GA done in week 5, on rails with some HTML and CSS magic but no javascript. Main structure built around playing TicTacToe, challenging users and checking your score. Hidden 4096 game in there too!
RSS feed aggregator built using Ruby on Rails and plenty of javascript. Follow, favorite and organise feeds and articles.
Multiple Choice Quiz :
Real time multiple player, multiple choice quiz game built using Node, Express, Angular and MongoDB.


Star Wars Twitter Timeline:
The most popular project I've ever built. Part of a twenty four hour hackathon.
An app to store and view your favourite youtube clips with a retro 80s vibe. I have left all functionality in so anyone can post up a link anonymously for everyone to see. Please be nice and not put up any distressing content - such as a compilation of England penalty shoot outs.
Cook book:
A project to manage categories, recipes and ingredients (so lots of database tables all playing with each other). Yes you can input anything - going to learn how to do logging in next week.